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28 Moxhams Road, Northmead    NSW   2152 Ph:  0418 276 819 (Fred)    or    0418 207 106 (Carol) CTI Consultants Pty Ltd

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CTI Restructures

Fred Salome is making the transition to
semi-retirement, taking steps to actively
reduce his workload.

CTI has restructured its business and has withdrawn from consultancy and assessments in relation to concrete and concrete structures and from general coating technology and inspection.

From here-on, the main focus of the business will be hazardous paint management.

CTI is Moving

As part of the restructuring, CTI’s office is moving to Northmead. The new addresses are:

Street Address:
28 Moxhams Road,
Northmead    NSW    2152

Postal Address:
PO Box 25,
Northmead    NSW    2152

Fred and Carol can be contacted on their mobile phones:

Fred:  0418 276 819
Carol: 0418 207 106

CTI is a leading consultancy in hazardous paint management  and related disciplines.

We have been providing our services since 1989 and have developed an outstanding reputation for professionalism and punctuality.

With our strong background in coatings technology and corrosion, we are able to approach hazardous paint management from a practical prospective, combining the needs and challenges facing both asset owners and contractors.

Welcome Rob has left CTI

CTI announces that long-serving employee and colleague, Robert Sutcliffe, has resigned from the firm to join his family in Tasmania.

Rob and Sue, during a shore excursion on a Tasman cruise in early 2015, found love-at-first-sight with a house in Richmond, Tasmania, and made an impulsive decision to buy it and move there.  For those familiar with the area, it is the very impressive Mill House, right next to the oldest surviving bridge in Australia.

We hope that Rob’s tremendous experience and skill as a coating inspector as well as his characteristic “get-the-job-done” approach to all field work will be of use to the industry in Tasmania and wherever the future leads Rob. We will certainly not be the same without him, and are grateful for what we have been able to do together during the last 25 years.

As a result of Rob’s departure, CTI will no longer offer routine coating inspection work nor any concrete condition assessments.

Update on  Fred’s Health

Fred was diagnosed with a large tumour in one of his kidneys in 2012 and underwent surgery to remove the kidney completely.  After that, his prognosis was for complete recovery, but the doctors did start a program of 6-monthly CT scans.

Unfortunately in April 2015, the CT scan detected more tumours in his abdominal cavity and subsequent testing confirmed metastatic renal carcinoma, with multiple tumours rendering his condition inoperable.

Clinical Trial

Fortunately, at that time Westmead Hospital was running a Stage 3 open-label clinical trial to assess the efficacy of a new monoclonal antibody treatment to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells, focussing specifically on renal cell carcinoma.  Fred was recruited into the trial and commenced receiving treatment in July 2015.

Such immunotherapy has been found effective for other types of cancers, especially melanoma, but had not yet been shown to be effective for renal carcinoma which, although relatively slow-growing, has usually been found to be non-responsive to chemotherapy.

One early bonus of the treatment was that unlike traditional chemotherapy, this treatment caused Fred only minor side-effects and has left him free to live an almost normal life.

Latest News (June 2016)

CT scans at 6-week intervals since October 2015 have shown continual reductions in the size of the target tumours.  Most of the affected lymph nodes are now regarded as being back to normal size.

These results are very pleasing not only to us, but also to the doctors running the trials. Similar results are being obtained for some other patients in the trial and the outlook at present appears somewhat more promising than it did in June last year.

So whilst the long-term outlook remains uncertain (it is after all a trial), for the time being we are happy with how things are going and are continuing to make the most of life.

To minimise Fred’s work load, we have restructured CTI to concentrate only on our Hazardous Paint Management work. We are redirecting all new enquiries for concrete assessments and for coatings assessments, specifications and inspection to other parties. Corrosion enquiries are being handled as our circumstances at the time allow.

It is our intention to update this column regularly for those who are interested in Fred’s health and well-being.

CTI are outsourcing the manufacture, sale
and distribution of our Everek range to
Vee-Tek Australia.

See our Products page for details.

Everek Products Outsourced